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About the Trainer: Zaher Nabil Molaeb

Zaher Molaeb has been investing all of his capabilities for many years in his only passion; human behaviour . Being curious about the secrets beyond achieving and being successful, lead him to be involved in the NLP world that was the turning point in his life. Starting as a sales person, today, Zaher is running a dynamic and successful agency in a leading international huge insurance company in Lebanon. Experiencing all the stages of sales cycle and public relation enforced him to develop himself and to make “self development” as a career.

In addition to his career, Zaher is a corporate trainer made several successful training to many leading institutions in Lebanon. Moreover, he is having successful and remarkable results with his individual clients (life and business coaching) .

Zaher Molaeb is a certified Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and a certified NLP trainer from the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP).

Today he came up with his specialty course in NLP: “THE ULTIMATE COMMUNICATION ART TRAINING” based on the NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING science.

Upcoming Trainings with Zaher Nabil Malaeb, Trainer

Class Description

Padova Hotel Sin El Fil

April 22-23 & 29-30, 2017
2 Weekends!!!
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
* In addition, a Bonus day that will be declared later!!!
40 hours minimum classroom/home study

Certified NLP Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguist Programming, Communication and Business Course
Current: Approved by NFNLP_USA

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Investment fees including certification, manuals, lunch, coffee break, valet parking, photos, and your development videos.
Per Person:
$ 1250 USD only
$ 950 USD only (Early Bird discount if you register before the 5th of April)

Special Prices for groups !!!! Reserve your place NOW
Call us: 00961 3 228603 or 00961 3 086717



More About Our Training...

Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Communication and Business


Have you ever wondered? :

  • Why some people are full of “charisma” while others just seem to be so plain?!
  • How some people seem to be natural persuaders?
  • What makes some arguments good or valid and others not?
  • What is the secret behind being naturally attached to someone’s speech?
  • How can some people get the crowds to follow them effortlessly?
  • What is the secret behind successful “star getter” salespeople? How can they do it easily?
  • Can we read people’s mind? Can we decode their map of reality or mechanism of thinking?

Well, it is all about the ART OF COMMUNICATION and beyond!
If you are curious to know the answers and learn the techniques, then you will have a joyful learning experience by attending

What will you benefit from this course:

  • To be certified from The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Florida USA as a BASIC PRACTITIONER OF NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, COMMUNICATION AND BUSINESS
  • How to get into another person’s mind. Read people like a book.
  • How to access your personal strength.
  • To acquire public speaking skills.
  • To learn and master effective body language strategies (Non verbal communication)
  • To capture audience attention by choosing the right magic words (Verbal communication)
  • To learn NLP negotiation skill (Psychology of the meeting)
  • To learn how to communicate more effectively with yourself and with others in your environment. Family, friends, colleagues, customers, and even strangers.
  • To learn advanced NLP sales techniques
  • It is designed to help people to have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave.
  • It will teach you about human behaviour. Why we do what we do in given situations, and how we can change those behaviours for the better by adjusting the mental images in our minds.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming “NLP”:

The name of the field refers to (Neuro) the human nervous system, including the brain and the five senses, (Linguistic) the verbal and non-verbal languages with which we communicate and (Programming) the ability to structure our neurological and linguistic systems to achieve desired results".

It is a set of rules and techniques proposed for modifying behavior in achieving self improvement, self management, and more effective interpersonal communications.

Based on certain assumptions about how language and movements of eyes and body affect brain (neurological) functions, NLP is similar to self-hypnosis. Its basic premise is that to achieve any kind of success one must create rich imagery of the goal, and must imitate (model) and internalize the appropriate behavioral patterns. Its name is derived from how senses filter and process experience before storing it in brain (neuro), how one uses words and symbols to create mental pictures (linguistic), and how desired habits and attitudes become ingrained (programming). Proposed in 1970s in the US jointly by John Grinder (born 1940, a professor of linguistics) and John Bandler (born 1950, a mathematician) in association with the UK anthropologist and social scientist Gregory Bateson (1904-80).


00961 3 086717 or 00961 3 228603



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