Dr. Wil Horton's
NLP Sports & Performance Certification


(4 DVDs)

Wil Horton has had the honor of working with all types of sports people. From elite professionals to hobbyists and I have found that athletes are special clients, they can be the most rewarding that you can work with. They are motivated, and want to succeed! To work with them effectively however, you need to be able to understand their mind set, and know the SECRETS to decode their programs. In the Sports and Performance Specialist training you will learn these secrets. I have updated the training and added new things to make you even more effective with your hypnosis skills.

You will learn:

Plus ....

Led by Will Horton, Psy.D., Sports and Performance Expert and Seminar Leader.
Learn how Dr. Horton used these techniques to overcome a serious career-ending knee injury and then go on to become a tournament winning black belt in Karate. His background in the Army boxing team and semi-pro football gives him a unique insight in the sport and performance arena. Learn the mindset from the inside.

Certified NLP Sports & Performance Course Only $495.00!

Certified NLP Sports & Performance Specialist


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