Dr. Wil Horton's
NLP & Spirituality


(6 DVDs)

NLP & Spirituality is a superb introduction to the leading edge of research into non-local consciousness and how to make practitcal use of it. Dr. Horton has a remarkable talent for understanding a subject and conveying the essence of it in a ineresting, infomative and humorous way. An excellent balance was achieved between theory and practice."

Some topics covered and utilized in NLP & Spirituality:

In Dr. Wil Horton's words: "I have been working on this course for over 30 years, only I was not aware of it. I was blessed to develop a spiritual gowth based on the Twelve Step program, and that led me to helping others, which led to NLP, which led to Hypnosis, which led me to EFT, which led to Remote Viewing, which led back to the Secret, which led to wanting to share my learnings as they all came together with the loss of my father this year. It all started 32 years ago with....We used Energy, NLP, Remote Viewing, Chi breathing, and Hypnosis to develop a method to reprogram the mind to harness these unique skills.

NLP & Spirituality


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