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Fear Into Power - Entering the "Zone"

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Fear is defined as a strong, often unpleasant, emotional and physical response to real, or PERCEIVED danger. You get feelings you tell yourself you should not have - doubt and fear! It can be physical or mental. You tell yourself to be calm, but it escalates. We will look at the psycho-biological stages of this state we call fear. To do this we must separate out the physical responses from the psychological intrerpretations of them. This is the first step to overcoming them.

Learn to turn your Fear Into Power! This technique will teach you how to master the mental state of Zen and to overcome fear.

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Love Strategies - The Perfect Partner Program

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Have you found that special someone? Or do you keep ending up with the wrong person over and over again? Itís easy to find your perfect partner if you learn how to unleash the power of your mind to work for you. You can find and get that true love! !! Remember, even "the Players" are out there looking for somebody.

Dr. William D. Horton is a world renowned Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Psychologist who has put together the ultimate program to teach you how to easily release what is needed for you to find true love. Dr. Horton spent countless hours analyzing the habits and minds of people who have found true love and he now will share their secrets!ckly" what your partner wants in a relationship. * How to align yourself for success. Click here for more information.

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Phobia and Trauma Relief Techniques

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In this remarkable DVD you will see three applications of the techniques that made NLP the talk of the psychological world. It was filmed at the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention.

Application #1 offers a unique combination of teaching tools. One is the demonstration of removing a common phobia, that of spiders, while at the same time you witness a situation in which the phobia was removed but a "glitch" takes place in the program. Each person in the world is unique due to there own life experiences and often times, a "stock solution" can have unexpected results. It is at these times a therapist must improvise, adjusting his/her approach, while combining various techniques, always working towards the desired behavioral goal.

In Application #2, you will witness the technique "Mending a Broken Heart" which is used to remove strong emotional/traumatic responses. As you will see, an emotional situation (a broken heart) can have the same intense, uncontrollable responses as any phobia or trauma. It is these intense feelings that must be modified through the use of NLP.

In Application #3, NLP is used to change a man's phobic responses to a claustrophobic environment - underwater of being underwater and his desire to scuba dive.

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NLP for Dynamic Speaking

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This video is a must for any presenter or public speaker!!!

This video goes over the techniques that will put you on the "A" list of presenters!!!

  • Learn How to Spot Troublemakers Early.
  • Discover How to Mark Your Stage for Effectiveness.
  • How to Mark Humor.
  • How to Set Up a "Bad" Area For Your Competition So People Come Back to You!
  • Gain Loyalty.
  • Learn how to set and control a room.

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Re-Inventing Yourself Technique - DVD

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Discover how to bring to the world all the NEW talents and skills you desire. This video will outline the steps for this marvelous event from their conception to fruition. Learn how to glimpse these skills in the past, and experience the delight as these new talents and skills push from the past and pull you to the future memory. Claim the new you!

"True mastery lies in simplicity; never confuse competency with complexity!"

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