The Absolute Best Version of Him/Herself
By Anthony Rizk, CMT.NLP, C.Ht. 2011

  • Have the client step into a highly optimistic state, the absolute best version of him/herself and TOTALLY experience it VAKOG. (Anchor #1)

  • Have the client shrink that state into a VERY BRIGHT marble sized ball of light.

  • Break state

  • Have the client find the feeling inside that they don’t like. (I use Calvin Banyan’s “inside of you there’s a feeling you don’t like that has everything to do with why you came here to see me today. At the count of three, this feeling becomes so powerful, more powerful than it has ever been before…”) So, find the feeling, name the feeling, and locate it in the body. (Anchor #2)

  • Break state

  • Have the client place the ball of light (fire anchor #1) where that feeling is and allow it to gradually and powerfully expand while pushing out and dominating (fire anchor #2) the feeling that he/she doesn’t like.

  • Tell the client “Naturally, as you become aware of the power of your own mind, you allow yourself to experience the unlimited control you have over your (“bad” feeling) (fire anchor #2). And as you allow this light to expand (fire anchor #1 and keep your hand there) far beyond your wildest comprehension, you begin to realize how great and splendid you feel. Matter of fact, the more you allow this light to expand and wrap you with its purest form, the more you, LET YOUR (“BAD” FEELING) DISSOLVE.” (Command)

  • Lock in

  • Have the client try IN VAIN to find that old feeling.

  • Get paid (as a great mentor once said: ”I take my art very seriously!”)